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Snapshots of Classroom Management 1: Antsy Pants

Several years ago one of my choir directors came to me and said, “I tend to lose control of my kids when I am handing out or collecting instruments.  Do you have any songs that will accomplish that and keep their attention?” I could not find any at the time, so I started writing transition songs. Directors kept

Preschoolers and Music

  What are the most important things to teach preschoolers in music? Steady beat, steady beat, and steady beat. I am only half joking. (smile) In preschool music we are concern about the development of the whole child and not just a musical concept. Let’s look at just a few things we need to cover

PTAC – Houston

What a great day in Houston yesterday!  Here are the promised links to get some of the products that I referred to or demonstrated in my classes. Songs and Chants for Antsy Pants – www.kathiehillmusic.com Love, Love, Love the Lord – Scripture song – Red Preschool Praisentations – Vol. 4 Here is another great link on Behavior

Teaching Singing

I have been asked, “But if he plays an instrument is it really important that he sing?” Teaching children to sing is important and there are several methods to accomplish this. Here are a few tricks of the trade that can be effective with children in helping them secure the ability to match pitch. Some of

The Gift of Music

Through the rest of that summer and the next year God would gently teach me that my identity was not in being a writer, a mom, a wife, a music teacher, a piano teacher, or a Kid's Choir Director.

Parking Dynamics

So many of you loved seeing the pics of Parking Notes.  I really appreciate all your words of encouragement.  Here are some pics of Parking Dynamics.  This game is similar to Parking Notes, but has a few different characteristics. In this game not only do students match the music symbols, but they learn to apply

Parking Notes

I demonstrated my homemade version of this game at several conferences this year. It is not only a favorite of my younger students, but also a favorite with conferees in my classes.  I am very excited to share with you, that as promised in class it is now a product you can purchase it in

Teaching Music Symbols with Games

Teaching a child to read music begins with simply knowing the music symbols. Teaching music symbols is the best thing you can do to teach notes to a beginner. When we say start with the music basics, music symbols are included in that statement. How to teach music to young children or elementary students in

Just Sorting it Out!

I love making the simplest of activities fun for young children.  When Kindergartners came to music today, I had two very simple but fun games waiting on them.  We practiced our introductory pitches thanks to Shelley Tomich at Pitch Publications. I use Pitch Hill Method for Teaching Solfege. In Kindergarten we are learning the names


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