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Movin’ & Groovin’ Part 1

General Movements Know the maturity of your age group. Gross and fine motor skills develop at different ages. For instance, Most Kindergarten students can not skip, however fourth graders can. There are huge differences between preschool and elementary ages. Although that seems obvious we need to learn, or be reminded to implement that knowledge as

Music Class LOVES Winter

                                               Winter is a great time to make much ado of music activities inside.  Kids do not get to get out as much.  Putting that little extra ” Winter is a great time

Flash Sale today!

  Here is a really fun way to teach meter.  Everyone can be given a baking pan or a team can be given a baking pan.  As always with Music Mom games there are three ways to play. . A great story sets up the game and get’s the imaginations and the Music Math skills


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Let the Games Begin

Summer Games are just around the corner. I love the summer games and am so excited to watch them.  Are you? Gymnastics are my favorite! While you are relaxing watching the games and enjoying the last few days of summer, I hope to make your planning very easy.  I have teamed up with some of

Pentatonic Hymns

Here is a list of pentatonic hymns and some that are simply harmony hymns that can be used in choir.  These can be used with voices, bells, boomwhackers, or any other pitched instruments. Jesus Loves Me                                 Joyful, Joyful  

I Want FREE Products!!!!!

I want FREE products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That what it looks like my son is saying here.  Actually, he pitched a fit to get on the “wo wo” with Daddy.  So I put him up there and when my husband cranked the lawnmower, he decided that was not what he wanted.  So I did what any sensible mom would

Snapshots of Classroom Management 3: Discipline

Discipline is one of the hardest things to accomplish in the classroom whether it be in a church or a school. It’s hard to remain the calm one, but as a teacher, it is a necessary tool. Let’s look at a few tools that can help in the area of classroom management. ReDirection:  One of the


This is my birthday month as well as my 4th Anniversary of being Cancer FREE!!!!!!!  This is not some big marketing ploy, I want to celebrate and to do so in every aspect of my life. I am very grateful for another year of life, especially one that is cancer free!  I have been given

Snapshots of Classroom Management 2: Habits

  Good planning habits are essential to success in any classroom whether it be in a church or a school. It’s hard to be successful as a teacher without the necessary tool of having a plan. Let’s look at 3 simple habits that can help in the area of classroom management. Have a Plan MAN: