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dad, Dad, DAD!!!!!

Most of us moms know what it is like to have everyone calling your name and needing something all while you are smack in the middle of everything. Of course that’s not really it, but is sure feels that way sometimes:  “Mom, is my jacket clean?” “Mom does this shirt go with these pants?” “Honey,

The Coupon Mom

I have met a few music artists, but I ‘ve never fallen over one, fainted over one, or even swooned. BUT last week I met the Coupon Mom. You may laugh but it’s the first time in my life I felt like screaming as she was introduced. Let me clarify that I did not scream.

Practicing Obedience

At some point it is the desire of just about any living parent  to have their children abide by “first time obedience.”  To have our kids react and obey “the first time” they are asked or given instruction would be such a blessing.  Occassionally this happens and you pinch yourself to make sure it isn’t a dream.  Most

A Little Girl’s View of History

Boys and girls are different. It wasn’t until I had one of each of my own, that I realized how different they are.    The first time our son ever picked up a toy car and made the very little boy “car sound” to go with it, we both looked at each other and asked, “Did you teach him

Just One of Those Days

It had just been one of those days.  The kids were not bad, just needy.  Both girls needed help with every bit of school we did today.  My 3 year old didn’t want me to do anything for anyone except him.  I had music curriculum to write.  I had not had my Bible Study that

Welcome to my new blog

Hello friends. It’s been a while, but darleneabbott.net finally has a home.  For now, it’s just a simple blog. But my husband is also working diligently behind the scenes to turn this humble little house of words into a great big wonderful website. (Thanks, honey.) So drop me a comment, and let me know you stopped by.  I’d