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Louisville, KY Training

Thank you again Kentucky for your warm reception and hospitality. Here are the handouts. Please take a moment and sign up so that you will be notified when I have new post or more importantly new games. Remember, choose two take-aways, write them in your lesson plans.  Then get in the habit of using them.

The 5 Steps for Teaching Pitch

Teaching pitch is definitely at the front of the line of concepts in teaching music. It goes hand in hand with so many aspects of teaching music and yet stands alone. Whether you are in a classroom or children’s choir ensuring these five steps are in place in your plans will bring about your students

Movin’ & Groovin’ Part 2

In Moovin’ and Groovin’ Part 1, we talked about General Movement tips and Fun movement. Now, we will look at purposeful movements and how this benefits our students. Purposeful Movements Excercise. Movement, especially those to develop gross motor skills, often looks like exercise.  However, when paired with music, it develops the child as a whole.

Flash Sale today!

  Here is a really fun way to teach meter.  Everyone can be given a baking pan or a team can be given a baking pan.  As always with Music Mom games there are three ways to play. . A great story sets up the game and get’s the imaginations and the Music Math skills

Back to the Blog

My last post on this blog was after I ended chemo a second time and radiation. Some other things happened, there were more surgeries and such, and I just kept posting on Caring Bridge. On October 24, 2013, I had my 7th and hopefully last surgery related to Breast Cancer. It’s been a long 2

Hands Chant

For all of you in the last training August 6, I had promised to put up the Hands Chant Hands to the side, hands in the air, Hands on your tummy, hands in your hair Hands over eyes (like sheilding the sun), looking all around, Hands on your knees, now please sit down. By Darlene

And They’re Off

Just got a text from Darlene.  They made it safely through Chicago and are in route to London.   Pray for safety, as well as comfort.  That’s a long flight, and Darlene isn’t feeling so well. Pix below from departure at Nashville. (via Jen Gash).