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Hit the Ground Running

Wow, making the decision to turn the light off on cancer has felt like getting off of a merry-go-round. The only thing is we have had to hit the ground running. Both of my girls are going on a Mission Trip to Belize at the end of May 2014. So we are beginning with fundraising.

Return Home Notes

I have started this post a dozen times and it’s been in my drafts folder for almost 2 months now.  To sum up what I feel about Africa, well I have decided that it would be almost impossible. There are things that God spoke to my heart in Africa that He didn’t use words to

Friday’s Notes

Today is the day for the Birthday Party.  We are giving them a birthday party because many of these children never get to celebrate their birthdays. When we arrived we headed down to the prayer garden (have I mentioned that I love this place!  And I am thanking the Lord that we have one more

Thursday’s Notes

Maria gave me a second letter. Look at the art work! When we arrived this morning at the orphanage the kids had prepared a whole program for us.  And they took us back to the prayer garden, this is just a special place. I wish everyone of you could sit beneath those trees.  They lead

Wednesday’s Notes

Got up with the crying birds again this morning.  I’m glad that we have the long, long drive out to the orphanage to snooze just a bit.  If you can have a little snooze it helps when you get there.  Three days ago you could’ve never convinced me that I would be thankful for that

Tuesday’s Notes

Yesterday, these very weird birds, that sound like babies crying, woke us up.  Well this morning, we must have been sleeping so well, that we slept through the birds. So we got a little late start but made it to breakfast and still left with the team on time.  I think we have an alarm

Monday’s Notes

New Driver today – so my hopes started out high. He’s is a little bit better driver, but the manners of driving here are just different than anything I’ve ever experienced before. The kid’s English is not as good as I thought it would be. When we told a Bible story today, we had to

Sunday’s Journaling Notes

We came into a real airport in Entebbe.  Once we left Entebbe, we drove one hour north to the capital city of Kampala.  OK, first of all these people drive CRAZY.  I see now that this is just the way it is here.  But I caught my breath a few times and had to cover

Wow, what a day!

Hello everyone from Africa.   Huge praise today – the people with us from Indiana finally got their luggage today!  Praise the Lord!  This was not only a huge answer to prayer, but a huge relief for those who were so glad to have fresh clothes.  (smile) The beds were completed yesterday.  The kids are doing

Hello from Uganda

We have fabulous pics but we are on dial up here and they will not load.  So for now our descriptions will have to do. You can read other team members blog post and mine at Sweetsleep.org We pulled up to orphanage today and the children were in the middle of play.  They looked up