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I am so excited about what is new at Music Mom. Next Tuesday tune in to the Facebook page.  More information to come a little later this week.

Whether you are a Music Teacher, or a Children’s Choir Director, you don’t want to miss the solution that Mrs. Darlene is going to share with you.

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Music Class LOVES Winter



Winter is a great time to make much ado of music activities inside.  Kids do not get to get out as much.  Putting that little extra ”

Winter is a great time to make much ado of music activities inside.  Kids do not get to get outside as much.  Putting that little extra “umphh” in an activity is most times all you need to get them excited and keep their attention. Below you will see 5 different post that will help you put the “umphhh” in your Winter plans.


I LOVE stretchy bands. Kids love them too.  These are great teaching tools for several aspects and concepts of teaching music. Checkout these ideas:

Stretchy Bands

Need to reteach or review sixteenth notes. January and February are great times to do so.  Chicken on the Fenceposts is a fun and solid way of teaching sixteenth notes in the second semester.

Sixteenth Notes

Father Time always brings the new year, but sometimes we have to help each other with new ideas.  This is such a fun activity called the Syncopated Clock.

The Syncopated Clock

Let us not forget our Pre-K and Kindergarten students.  Here is a fun Penguin Counting Song sung to down by the station.

5 Little Penguins : Counting Songs


We all need help with our wonderfully special and unique students that have specific needs.  In this post I especially like number three for music class.  It will be fun to add rhythms and/or moves to these chants.

Snow and Winter Music Therapy Educational Activities Printable