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Teaching a child to read music begins with simply knowing the music symbols. Teaching music symbols is the best thing you can do to teach notes to a beginner. When we say start with the music basics, music symbols are included in that statement. How to teach music to young children or elementary students in a fun and engaging way is truly one of my passions. So here is one idea, it is a game and there are three ways to play this game. This game is great for classroom settings or for the one-on-one private instructor.

Swarming Symbols is a product that teaches children music

Swarming Symbols teaches children notes, symbols, and rhythms.

Introducing Swarming Symbol Swat.  I love the idea of having more than one way to use a resource.  If I buy a game for my music class and the instructions only specify one way to play.  I will come up with another way to play or use the resource. I guess it’s one of my weird quirks. Nonetheless I hope my quirk serves you well in the games you purchase from the Music Mom. :-)

This game is fun and identifies music symbols for children. You can play this game with a group of children or you can play this game one on one with a private lesson student. I will call the symbol names the first time we play this and the children will swat the symbol I call. Another time, I will mix up calling the symbol names and definitions.  The third time we play it, I will only call the definitions. One of my goals is to get students to connect both title and information or definition and to be able to recall it from either direction.

Product image of detailed instructions on how to teach children music

Detailed instructions for how to teach music symbols to students.


Product Clipart that is used to teach children music

Start with music symbols to teach a child to read music.


You will need one outside resource to play this game – flyswatters.  You can get these at most dollar stores in packs of two. I found some that are cute flowers and go well with the bee theme.  I love to pull out a game that we have already played. When I do some student will boast that they know exactly what we are doing, but then I get to throw a little bit of a curve ball. It keeps them paying attention, for sure.  It is great review for the information but a new way to recall the information. I will say though, I do believe my student’s favorite is the “Duck, Duck Goose” like game that is the third way to play.  Happy Swatting!!

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