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I have started this post a dozen times and it’s been in my drafts folder for almost 2 months now.  To sum up what I feel about Africa, well I have decided that it would be almost impossible. There are things that God spoke to my heart in Africa that He didn’t use words to speak.  So to put them into words for someone else, I can’t, I don’t the words to describe.  The emotions I have felt since being home really surprised me in some ways.  Then in other ways  I have so much more to learn about God.  I will be processing this for some time.  I am not as emotional as I was when I first came home.  However, I am still “caught” at times by the thoughts that invade moments that from the outside have no connection with Africa.

I will say this  – for you my family and friends – I pray that you get to know God more.  That may or may not be a mission trip to a foreign country, it may be something profound that he wants you to do here – right where you are. Wherever it is, whatever it is, listen closely – I’ve never heard God scream.

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